Kaz, the Incubus Monk


Kaz was conceived in the fiendish realm of Il’noct. As most fiendish clans are, he was never close to his family, as they all focused selfishly on their own goals. Kaz had one real source of motivation, boredom. Doing anything to satisfy his craving for excitement, he spent most days messing with mortals or getting into general mischief within his own plane. As Il’noct was so familiar to him, he preferred to meddle elsewhere, in the mortal realm. Mortal magic to him was thrilling, giving him an adrenaline rush not unlike the frenzied rage of a northern barbarian. Kaz never bothered to learn magic for himself as the process, though rewarding, was entirely too boring. He much preferred to get his hands dirty in other ways, often using his silver tongue to cause mayhem among the lesser races, as he called them.

On one of his adventures, Kaz decided to pull his biggest stunt yet. Corrupting the temple of a deity. As he approached the ancient temple’s powerful altar, he sensed a strong energy, something he has only sensed in his realm of Il’noct. This strange power was none other than that of a deity, as the god of knowledge himself casted down on Kaz and struck him with a divine bolt of light. When Kaz awoke, he found himself in the forest near the temple, but something felt off. Where wings once were, there were none. Where his illustrious hooves once stood, there were feet. Pulling out the hand mirror Kaz always keeps on his person, he sees that he is not himself. He was in the body of a tiefling, and with this body he had lost the ability to go back to his home realm.

With no where to go, Kaz wandered for weeks, using his wit as well as his charming assets to fool man or woman into providing him with food and shelter. It was then that the Eldest removed all magic from the plane. This land had been shred of all he found interesting. Desiring only to go home, he went to the only place he heard still had magic, the island of Rhys. On arrival he was immediately rejected from the high elf cities, as tieflings were not allowed in their illustrious domain. With nowhere to go, he sought shelter at a nearby mountain. At the top of this mountain however, was a gargantuan monastery.

Kaz expected nothing of this monastery, a religious group of monks would never accept a tiefling, whether they knew if he was an incubus or not, but having nowhere else to go he scaled the mountain anyways. To his bewilderment, when he approached the monastery he did not find a sanctuary of solitude, but instead the temple was filled with loud roars of combat. Kaz approached what seemed to be the head of the group, named Kel’thran, and discovered that this temple was not a religious sanction of monks. These monks trained their entire lives to master combat, believing that the true path to enlightenment was one adorned in battle scars and blood.

Kaz loved the thought of combat, once again getting his adrenaline pumping like the days of magic did. He took apprenticeship under his new mentor and trained for many years. While under the curse of the tiefling body, he still seemed to retain a portion of his fiendish strength, and advanced above the other students quickly. After defeating the other members of his order in combat, including Kel’thran himself, he left on a mission to find and defeat any fighter stronger than him. Hoping that along the way he could find a cure for the terrible curse set upon him, and return to Il’noct.


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