Alphonse Leopold Jericho Starcaster


What does it mean to be a man? Is it to have vast riches? To have great power and influence? To have a kind heart or a wise mind? While these questions seemed to answer themselves to Alphonse’ peers, they troubled and perplexed Alphonse for many seasons past an appropriate time to still ponder these things. At the tender age of 22, Alphonse was not, by the standards of anyone around him, a man. And the female population of his village did certainly notice. Alphonse knew little (nothing) of the female form. It was on a late Saturday night that Alphonse finally built up (drank down) the courage to confess this trouble to his only friend, Beetle. Beetle was, by the standards of anyone around him, a man. Beetle told him, “Learn to play the lute, fair maidens love suitors who play the lute.”

And so he did, Alphonse felt like he’d finally found himself. Music was his calling. When he played the lute, he felt like the world shook beneath his feet. Then one day, when he played the lute, the world shook beneath his feet. People were not pleased. Alphonse began to realize he had great power, his music could, control things, change things….destroy things. He left his village, and began to train himself to control his power. He found, the more control over his power he developed, the more beautiful his music became. Now, Alphonse roams the land, in search of pieces of a magic lute. But it is not the great power of the lute he seeks, but the symphonies he will be able to play with it.


Alphonse Leopold Jericho Starcaster

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